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School Improvement

Our School Improvement Intentions for 2020-2021


Quality of Education

  1. Close the identified gaps in learning in all core subjects (due to pandemic) for all identified pupils and groups including SEN & PP
  2. Accelerate progress in writing across all year groups with an uplift of 20% of pupils working at ARE from baseline assessment.
  3. Refine and embed our curriculum to reflect the new Ofsted EIF, developing and clearly communicating our curriculum intent, implementation and impact (carried over from 2019-20)


Leadership and Management

  1. Develop and continually improving teachers’ subject knowledge to enhance the teaching of the curriculum and ensure consistency of teaching and learning across the school.
  2. Staff wellbeing and workload is recognised by SLT and Governors as a high priority and is built into school culture, practises & policies. Including a robust risk assessment that is continually reviewed and updated.


Personal Develop & Behaviour and Attitudes

  1. Re-integrate children back into school following closure, ensuring their wellbeing and safety is a high priority.
  2. Following closure, re-instate high expectations for pupil’s behaviour and attitudes to learning with a positive and respectful culture.