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School Improvement

Our School Improvement Priorities



Quality of Education 


Priority 1: Develop pupils’ detailed knowledge and skills in all foundation subjects so that all pupils achieve well across the curriculum and this is reflected in pupils’ work.

Priority 2: Address gaps in reading attainment for identified groups. 

Priority 3: Address KS2 writing outcomes for identified groups.

Priority 4: Adapted the curriculum in foundation subjects to meet the needs of pupils with SEND.

Behaviour & Attitudes / Personal Development 

Priority 1: Embed SMSC and PSHE/RSE throughout the curriculum and beyond the classroom so that learners gain the skills necessary for future learning and to become well rounded citizens.

Priority 2: Prioritise high attendance and punctuality to school for all pupils, particularly pupils with SEND and disadvantaged pupils.

Leadership & Management 

Priority 1: Staff CPD has a positive impact on teaching and learning including the development of the ECT, subject leaders and leaders undertaking NPQ programmes.   

Priority 2: Develop teaching assistant roles to best support pupils with SEND in the classroom.

Priority 3: Continue to improve teachers’ subject content knowledge in all foundation subjects to enhance the teaching of the curriculum and use of assessment.

Quality of Early Years Education 

Priority 1: The EYFS curriculum is ambitious for all, meeting the needs of pupils’ with SEND.

Priority 2: Pupils’ develop a love of stories, strong comprehension skills and widen their vocabulary.