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In science, we are learning about animal groups and this week it was birds! As a fun activity, we made little paper birds... aren't they lovely?


Pupils are learning how to build exciting sentences about the Great fire. They worked as a team to play around with the choice of adjectives and powerful words to make the best sentences.

Sentence building

Practical Maths

Year 1 have written their first books! They are based on a story of a little lost dinosaur who can't find his mum. He sets off on a journey to find her and after a few cases of mistaken identity, he finally finds her!

The children were allowed to change the characters of their story whilst keeping the basic plot the same. They wrote such sweet little stories and I published them so we could share their lovely writing with others. 

In 1666 London burned to the ground.. starting with a spark in the bakery of Pudding Lane.

We have our own pudding lane bakery in class and we have all been inspired to go back in time and immerse ourselves in this historical event.

London's Burning

London's landmarks has been our main topic this half term and the children have loved learning about them! We have done virtual tours, built our own models in DT, written a recount about a fun day out in London and created fact files for a famous landmark. 

This week in year 1 we have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The children have been honing their acting skills and story telling! After we have learned the story through actions, we practice re-telling it and then we'll write our own version with a twist!