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This term, pupils are learning all about the beginnings of our education system, starting with the history of our own school which dates back to 1879! We have the original diary of the first headmaster, Mr Ephraim Noye... we have been using this to compare and contrast school life then and now. 

This term is all about stepping back to the 1950s. We will be comparing toys from that era to toys we have today as well as studying important events in history since 1950.  Miss Burt has brought in her mum's toys to spend the term with us. They are David, who's 72, Jonathan who's 70 and Jemima who 65. 

Stepping back in time!

To celebrate Chinese new year this month and combine it with our Science lessons on taste and smell, we spent the day learning about China and then cooking some yummy noodles and rice! 

The final lesson in our unit of portraits was a sculpture lesson. The children listened really well and watched an online tutorial on sculpting with wet clay! I was so impressed with the results. They are not self-portraits incase you were wondering! ;) 

The children had a lovely lesson today, describing things that are precious to them and full of memories. They each brought in a precious object to describe to friends. We had teddies they'd had from birth, sea glass treasures and fossils! They will be writing about these objects in the next lesson.

How long ago was 1950? When was the Internet invented? When were we all born? When was my Granny born?  Creating time lines and understanding chronology is a key skill for young historians.. Acorns had to use their maths skills to place the dates in time order and then place key events along the timeline! They were amazed to know that when I was young, there was no Google or Alexa! 

In Design Technology, pupils were set the challenge to create a stable shelter with a roof using just paper and tape! This is what they achieved. 

Pupils are continuing their DT challenges to design and build houses. They have used a variety of tools and used problem solving skills to work out how to join chimneys and roofs.

The new reading nook is proving popular!

Acorns Class have chosen to celebrate Harvest Festival with the song, "Cauliflowers Fluffy". They really enjoyed making the giant images to enhance their performance!

- YouTube

Acorns with their very enthusiastic performance of Cauliflowers fluffy!

Year 1 have created their own story boards to innovate the Little Green Dinosaur story. They have selected the dinosaur characters and the settings/obstacles they encounter. They were able to narrate their ideas and included great adjectives to describe their dinosaurs. 

Story planning.

Acorns pupils have been enjoying our new guided maths lessons. Each day we explore new objectives in our ability groups and rotate to work on different stations. Our station are; Maths with someone (where we do partner challenges and maths discussions),  At work alone, (where we work on written maths for fluency and practice), Teacher Table, (where our teacher challenges us with problem solving or checks for any misconceptions), and finally, Hands on Maths, (where we use manipulative and real life objects to practice our maths in real, concrete situations. 

As part of our topic, "Dinosaur Planet", the children in Acorns asked to find out more about volcanoes. We spent the day learning all about them, made some models and ended the day by taking our volcanoes outside to watch them erupt!

Volcanic Eruptions