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Reading and Phonics

Reading Curriculum Intent

 Our aim is for children to become confident, fluent readers with excellent understanding. We encourage them to read widely and often for both pleasure and purpose. We foster a love of reading by sharing fantastic books, holding events and encouraging a life-long passion for reading.

We believe our English curriculum, including our phonics and reading provision, fully equips our children to achieve this aim throughout their time with us.



The children enjoy stories, being read to and reading themselves – fostering a lifetime love of reading.

They develop and maintain enthusiasm and interest in books and reading and are familiar with a range of different genres and authors.

They have experience of reading non-fiction books for pleasure and for learning and can use them effectively.

They know how to select books for themselves and treat the class book corners, with respect.

The children can confidently decode and phonically sound out and blend words by the end of Year 1 with increasingly sophistication and fluency by the end of Year 2.

They develop inference and retrieval skills in their reading comprehension in increasing complexity from Reception up.

Children achieve expected or above expected standard in their reading assessments in Year 2 and Year 6 SATs.