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Spanish Language is taught with clear progression and engaging resources.




Pupils in KS2 learn Spanish. We follow a scheme to ensure that all the National Curriculum knowledge and skills are covered. PlanIt Spanish offers a coherently planned sequence of lessons, ensuring progressive coverage of the skills required by the national curriculum. Our chosen themes - Our Past, Let's Explore a Spanish Town and Discovering Spain - provide an introduction to the culture of Spanish-speaking countries and communities. It aims to foster children’s curiosity and helpdeepen their understanding of the world. A linear curriculum has been chosen to allow an opportunity for children to graduallybuild on their skills. PlanIt Spanish enables children to express their ideas and thoughts in Spanish, providing opportunities for them to interact and communicate with others for practical purposes both in speech and in writing. We aim to exposechildren to authentic Spanish and offer regular opportunities to listen to native speakers.

The intent in Lower KS2 is that children acquire basic skills and understanding in Spanish with a strong emphasis placed ondeveloping their Speaking and Listening ability. These will be further developed in Upper KS2 alongside Reading and Writingskills, gradually progressing to more complex language concepts and greater learner autonomy.

Through our PlanIt Spanish scheme, we aim to inspire pupils to develop a love of languages and to expand their horizons toother countries, cultures and people. We intend to help children grow into curious, confident and reflective language learnersand to provide them with a foundation that will equip them for further language studies.