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Learn, Grow and Achieve Together

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Our Curriculum Intent is underpinned by our school vision and values

Learn, Grow and Achieve Together

Our four core Values are:

Community Reflection Curiosity Self-motivation

These core values are connected and developed through our GROW curriculum:

At Whitstone Community Primary School we are committed to providing a curriculum which is broad and balanced and provides our pupils with opportunities to gain essential knowledge, skills and understanding which will enable them to flourish and GROW.

Our GROW curriculum is carefully sequenced and interconnected beginning in Nursery and developing across the key stages to Year 6. It is ambitious in content and specifically designed to help our children learn and retain the required subject knowledge and skills in the correct sequence.

We have designed our curriculum with our aspirations for all pupils at the very heart of it, ensuring that our core values are weaved into every aspect of curriculum learning. Each learning project has been developed to reflect our pupils’ social and cultural capital through carefully planned learning experiences using the four stages of our GROW curriculum.

Through the teaching of progressive skills, knowledge and concepts along with our core values, our children grow into confident, reflective, curious and motivated learners equipped with the skills and knowledge needed at each stage of their learning journey in order to progress through the primary curriculum and beyond.


We want our children to feel a connection with the area in which they live and a sense of place. We believe this builds a sense of belonging and identity. We want our children to also build a sense of belonging within the world and LEARN to respect the rights, equality and diversity of all, both within their immediate community and around the world, without discrimination. We want our children to GROW into responsible, fair, active and contributing citizens, with a belief that they can ACHIEVE and make a difference to their own and others’ lives.

Connect Participate Impact Belong Respect Understand Tolerate


We want our children to LEARN how to think for themselves, see things from a range of perspectives and analyse their own learning. We want children to GROW their self-belief through reflecting, making judgments and evaluating their own development in order to ACHIEVE to the best of their ability. We believe that through reflection comes improvement which leads to self-worth and independent thought.

Think Create Apply Consider Respond Analyse Problem Solve


We want our children to be curious about the world in which they live and have a thirst to LEARN more. We want children to GROW a love for the natural world and connect by asking questionings and making discoveries. We believe that when children are curious learners, they ACHIEVE a sense of identify and self-worth which promotes an understanding of meaning and purpose through awe and wonder.

Wonder Amazement Discovery Questioning Seeking meaning Creative


We want our children to be confident and to be motivated to LEARN. We want children to GROW in self-belief and approach challenges with a can-do attitude. We believe in the importance of commitment, independence and determination in order to ACHIEVE goals. We want our children to develop a positive mind-set and to overcome problems with solutions through persevering.

Interest Enthusiasm Pride Self-esteem Persistence Inner glow