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Marking and Assessment

WALT Headings give clear objectives and self-assessment tools for each piece of work.

Marking with pupils

To encourage children to self-check, edit, and improve their own work, we use a ‘live marking’ approach. Children across the school are taught how to use a variety of self-help strategies including: success criteria, writing toolkits, word banks and model texts. Once children’s work has been discussed/marked, they can make further improvements using a purple ‘polishing’ pen.


All work is marked in accordance with the school’s marking policy. Positive elements of work, demonstrating progress towards the learning objectives is highlighted and celebrated. Next steps and areas to build upon are made clear to pupils in teacher conferencing and during live marking and are highlighted in their books.

End of Unit writes are assessed using the Ros Wilson Writing Criteria, informing our teacher assessments. Regular moderation takes place, both internally and externally, to ensure our assessments are accurate and consistent.

The writing scale can be found here: 


Live marking and proof reading begin from Reception year