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It’s time to take a walk on the wild side. Find out who’s coming to visit. Is it a bug munching lizard or an eagle-eyed bird of prey? Whatever it is, do you think you can handle it? Learn about creepy crocs and amazing alligators, the deadly assassin bug and the voracious Venus flytrap. Be inspired to write an informative leaflet all about your favourite predator and compose a poem about a predator or its prey. Then use what you know about the best of the beasts to create the ultimate predator; the apex of the food chain. Cross your best friend with a peregrine falcon or your teacher with a great white shark. What incredible species can you imagine? Feeling peckish? Let’s jump aboard the food chain.


For English we will be looking at one predator in particular... Wolves live and hunt in packs of around six to ten animals. They are known to roam large distances, perhaps 12 miles in a single day. But one Wolf cub Wilf finds himself lost and alone in the chill of the Arctic night. How will he find the rest of his pack? Can this predator make it back alone or will he need a bit of a helping hand?