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Misty Mountain, Winding River

Our first topic for this year is going to be Misty Mountain, Winding River! Where we will be exploring the characteristics and features of a river, including how they shape the landscape over time and their significance around the world. We will have the opportunity to learn about the stages of the water cycle, how to locate and plot geographical places on a map, as well as find out how contour lines are used to show the topography of an area. 


As we dive deeper into our Misty Mountains topic we will be hoping to use a case study of the Somerset Levels flooding to understand how human and natural influences can have an impact on the environment! Please find below some helpful resources about our topic that you and your children can explore together before the term starts... 

Our Learning

In Geography we have been using Ordnance Survey Maps to look at different peaks within an area, using the contour lines on the map to tell us where and how high the peak is. From the number given the children have then been able to identify whether the peak is a mountain or just a hill. Do you know the difference?

Each week as part of Fabulous Friday we have been conducting a range of experiments all based about states of matter. We started off the term looking at solids, liquids and gases and how the particles are formed for each. The children really enjoyed pretending to be the particles and moving around the room as each one. We then began exploring how these changed between each state, using a thermometer to record the temperature that chocolate melts (yum!). This last week we have then been looking at the process further linking this to the water cycle, creating our own mini water worlds to observe the cycle for ourselves!

Another big Fab Friday hit is Art! Using mountainous landscapes as our inspiration we have been trailing out the use of tonal colour to show depth between our foreground, middle ground and background. The children did a brilliant job at doing this with pen (cross hatching), pencil (shading) and watercolours, before using our viewfinders to have a go at our own landscape piecce! We then began bringing some colour in to our work by creating a colour wheel ranging from our warmer to cooler tones.