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Each half term we base our learning on a different core text from the Read in to Writing curriculum. Each book relates to our termly topic and allows the children to delve into high-quailty picture books and children's fiction written by much-loved authors such as Beatrix Potter and Roald Dahl to achieve greater depth in reading and writing.


Please find below the texts that we are going to be looking at this term.

Autumn 1 - The Elves and the Shoemaker

Stan and Jan are shoemakers by day, and at night, they love to dance in the shoes they make. But when they run out of money, it seems their dancing days are over. Then one morning, they find the most magnificent pair of shoes. Who has made them...and why?

Autumn 2 - The Iron Man

The Iron Man came to the top of the cliff. Where had he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows. Mankind must put a stop to the dreadful destruction by the Iron Man and set a trap for him, but he cannot be kept down. Then, when a terrible monster from outer space threatens to lay waste to the planet, it is the Iron Man who finds a way to save the world.


This six-week unit is a study of the 1968 classic children’s novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The learning journey develops children’s reading comprehension, fluency and vocabulary as they explore the characters, plot and language in the story. Grammar and punctuation teaching is embedded within the context of the text, with children exploring the effect language and structures have on the reader. The unit culminates in a final piece of writing where children apply all that they have learned about this story to produce a formal newspaper report telling how the Iron Man saves the world.