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Core Text Literacy

Each half term, we focus on a Core text which is linked to our Curriculum Topic.  This text will be studied in great detail, acted out, learned by heart in parts and used as a model for our writing. 

Using the 'Talk for Writing' approach, pupils will become immersed in the story and learn the tools for great storytelling and writing. 


In addition to this Core Text, we will be reading and enjoying a whole range of other stories in the same genre. You can find example software these in the reading list attached. 

Autumn 2

This six-week unit is a study of two short stories by Ray Bradbury, ‘The Rocket’ and ‘All Summer in a Day’. This sequence of learning will develop pupils’ understanding of the short story genre, characters, themes and language. These stories take place within the framework of a future society in which the colonisation of neighbouring planets in our Solar System has become possible. It includes research work into the Solar System and will therefore complement Year 5 topic work on the planets. This unit provides the pupils with many opportunities to write in the style of Ray Bradbury, focusing on the writing of character and dialogue. This unit teaches reading, including fluency, vocabulary and comprehension and meaningful writing, for a range of form, purpose and audience. The teaching of grammar and punctuation is embedded within the analysis of the language and structures used to tell the story, with pupils exploring the effect these might have on readers. Pupils are taught to apply what they have learned to their own writing, making choices to affect their reader’s thoughts and feelings. This learning culminates in a final piece of writing, where the pupils apply all that they have learned to write a narrative based on an adventure involving space exploration.

Autumn 1